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GBDB supports geochemical data since December 2017
2018-01-17 05:48:26

The GBDB team started to design the geochemical function in GBDB since the fall of 2017. Now it is open to the public for test. The present new fun...

The GBDB website will be updated in the coming weeks
2016-01-26 02:06:46

The GBDB team will make some significant updates to the GBDB website in the next several weeks. The present functions will still be available bu...

GBDB team organized short course at the STRATI 2015 meeting at Graz, Austria
2016-01-26 02:02:10

Prof. Junxuan Fan and Mr. Xudong Hou organized an 1.5 days' short course at the Second Intermational Congress on Stratigraphy (STRATI 2015) whic...

SinoCor 4.0, a program for graphic correlation has been released!
2012-08-07 05:52:57
SinoCor is a program conducting graphic correlation, a widely-used method of quantititave biostratigraphy. SinoCor 4 has some new features which can h...
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